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An Amazing Mind Reading Trick For Beginners

By Michael Breck

People love Magic Tricks where a Magician, Mind Reader, or Mentalist predicts the future. This clever card trick will convince people that you are a Mind Reader and can see into the future.

How It Looks To The Audience

The Magician asks a spectator to shuffle a deck of cards. While the spectator is doing this, the Magician writes a prediction on a piece of paper, folds it up, and places it on the table.

The Magician then asks to spectator to deal the cards, two at a time, onto the table. If the pair of cards is black, he is to place them in one pile. If they are red, then he is to place them in another pile. Pairs that are red and black are discarded in a third pile.

When the spectator has dealt all the cards onto the table, the Magician asks him to read his prediction. The prediction says, "You will have two more black cards than red cards."

When the spectator counts the cards in the red and black piles, he finds the Magician's prediction is correct!

The Magician then does the trick again and he is right a second time!

How The Trick Is Done

The trick is self-working - almost. If you deal the cards in pairs and put each two red cards into one pile and each two black cards into another pile, then the amount of red and black cards WILL ALWAYS BE EQUAL.

However, to disguise this outcome, you secretly remove two red cards from the pack and put them in your pocket. The result will be that there will be two more black cards, than red cards. This is what you write on your prediction.

When you have finished the trick, gather up all the cards and put them in your pocket - which contains the two red cards. As if it has just occurred to you, ask the spectator if he would like to see the trick again. He will most likely say yes.

Remove all the cards from your pocket and give them to the spectator to shuffle. Then write a new prediction, which says, "You will have an equal amount of red and black cards." Fold it up and place it on the table.

When the spectator has again dealt all pairs of cards into piles, he will be amazed to find you are correct again!

Even Uri Geller couldn't do better than that!

Michael Breck is a professional Magician in Scotland. He also runs an entertainment agency called The Magic Agency, which supplies Magicians, Bands, and Entertainment for weddings, parties, and corporate events all over Scotland. For more ideas about Magic and Wedding Entertainment go to Entertainment For Weddings or Magical Entertainment

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michael_Breck

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