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Magic of Mike Wong

Mike Wong
Anaheim CA

Day: 714-334-1632

Evening: 714-334-1632

Toll Free: 800-959-6244

With brilliant displays of whirling scarves, pearl white doves and illusions to arrest the senses, The Magic of Mike Wong has delighted audiences across the country with excitement. Be it a stage of full-scale illusion of the masters or a small banquet audience, Mike will entertain with an always changing repertoire of humorous sleight of hand. His close-up magic must be seen to be disbelieved.

How to Keep Children Entertained at Your Wedding

Spare a thought for the friends and relatives at your wedding with young children. When the other guests are sitting back to enjoy the speeches, the mums with young children are trying to work out how to keep the little darlings sitting still and quietly for thirty minutes.

Children don't understand the speeches bit at weddings and they want to run around and have fun. So, why don't you provide some entertainment for them in another room until the speeches are over?

Magician, Clown,?or Puppet Show

You can hire a Magician, Clown, or Puppeteer to put on a show and make balloon animals for them. If the entertainer is good, children from 2 - 12years will sit enthralled for at least forty-five minutes.

Nursery Teacher or Mobile Creche

You can hire a local nursery teacher or mobile creche team to set up drawing and painting for the children. Perhaps with a prize for the best work. If you contact some of the local Nursery Schools, you will find that many young teachers would be willing to make a little extra by doing this.

Films and Cartoons

Many venues provide a room for the children to go and watch cartoons and films during the day. If your venue does not do this, then ask them why. It might give them the idea to start doing it! A guest with a young child or baby could act as chaperone.

Treasure Hunt

Some of the Mums with young children or babies may want to leave during the speeches. Why not get them to organise a Treasure Hunt in the Hotel or gardens. They will bless you for it!

These are just some ideas to get you started. You will probably think of more yourself.

So, remember to spare a thought for the little people at your wedding. Let them leave at the end of the day telling their parents that your wedding was the most magical and "best wedding ever!".??

Michael Breck is a professional Magician and Entertainment Agent in Scotland. He has been entertaining at weddings and booking entertainment for weddings for over twenty years. For more ideas about wedding entertainment go to Entertainment For Weddings and Events or Magical Entertainment For Weddings and Events.

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