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What happened when one of our main hub warehouses got a leak in the roof? Well, the water hit some of the boxes in the inventory and started a mold garden! Our local warehouse staff didn’t pick up on it right away, but after a few days it became obvious.

We were in need of Atlanta mold removal and it didn’t take long for us to find the best at Atlanta mold removal service, and that was Atlanta Mold & Cleaning (

Saving the Inventory

 Your Party Shop didn’t want to lose our entire inventory because of a local mold contamination and the experts at Atlanta Mold & Cleaning understood the mission.

They performed tests and removed the contaminated boxes that harbored the mold.

Then, they performed more tests. They used a special decontamination technique that safely destroyed every living mold spores in the warehouse and they finally changed out and filtered the air to make the warehouse and it’s inventory as good as new!

Naturally, this activity was performed along with the roof repair that was required to get things up to spec. Your Party Shop knew that we had picked the right company for Atlanta mold removal when we picked Atlanta Mold & Cleaning, because the job was done right!

Do You Have Mold?

 While each and every condition that might demand Atlanta mold removal is different, there is only one company you need to remember when you require Atlanta mold removal and that is of course Atlanta Mold & Cleaning. Thus, If you experience any kind of mold condition in your home or business, Your Party Shop highly recommends Atlanta Mold & Cleaning for any time your might require Atlanta mold removal and beyond!