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Birthday Parties - An Absolute Fun

By: Harleen Kaur

Celebrations are a part of life and we all love to celebrate, be it a birthday, wedding, marriage anniversary and many other occasions which hold special meaning for us. Birthday is one of the most special occasions to celebrate, especially for kids and adults although there is no age limit as far as we feel young at heart. We all look forward to this special day in our lives as we receive special attention from our friends and family alike in the form of love and gifts.

All Birthday parties are unique and special. We can plan the theme of the party to make the whole thing warm and memorable by following the rule “Plan your work and work your plan”. We need to break the conventions and try something new to add a personal touch to the celebrations. Whether it’s a birthday party of our loved ones, golden jubilee marriage anniversary or just any other occasion we wish to share our feelings of happiness with a lavish treat to our friends and family, we just need a little planning to make the celebration a memorable event for everyone.

Birthday cards are a great way to convey our feelings to our loved ones and to show them that they are so special. Some people like to extend birthday invitations to their family and friends through special invitation cards to join and make the celebrations a memorable occasion. There is a wide variety of birthday cards available in the market which helps us to express our special feelings. Similarly, we can extend a personalized birth announcement of our beloved one and share our joy and emotions.

Birthday parties are an important part of celebrations and add a special meaning to those moments which give us memories of a lifetime. These parties are getting more elaborate with people going in for exquisite decorations to set the mood for the party. People also love to splash around by hosting cocktail parties which are an all time favourite. Similarly, we also find couples celebrating their silver and golden (50th) wedding anniversaries. Thus, the essence of all this is that we love to celebrate whatever the occasion may be because man is a social animal and loves to share his happiness with those around. So what a better way than announcing a party bash to share this overwhelming feeling of joy. We can make use of typical birthday party decorations like a ballon archway, streamers and confetti. Thus, by using our imagination, we can make a birthday party look unique and special keeping in mind the interests of the birthday boy or girl.

Snacks are an indispensable part of any birthday celebrations. We can include some healthy and decorated snacks in the menu to be served along with tea or other beverages.

A birthday party is simply incomplete without a tastefully decorated cake to mark the occasion. A well decorated cake adds life to any celebrations. We can choose from a wide variety of cakes full of color and designs that are available in the market.

Sometimes, parties include dinner to be served to the guests. Now a days, people hire services of professional caterers in case the guests list is elaborate. Of course, we can give a personal touch to the whole celebration by serving the home made cuisine.

If we plan to make the bash all the more extravagant and musical, then luau party is preferably the best theme for you. A tastefully created ambience sets the mood for the party. So let your imagination go wild and experiment on new ideas. You can fancy on different décor ideas like a flower lei archway and add fun and frolic to your party with some fun Hawaiian hula music to set the party rocking.

Everyone loves party favors and it depicts our hospitality to extend a thanks note to all the party guests while receiving the gifts from them.

Birthday parties are a special moment in everyone’s life. So a well planned party together with the right theme can give you the memories of a lifetime.

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