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The Magic of Lawrence Lemon

Lawrence Lemon
125 Barbaree Way
Tiburon CA 94920

Day: 415-383-3717

"Oh my gosh, how'd you do that? You read my mind!" That's what they all say!
Once Lawrence Lemon begins, your guests will be totally surprised and amazed! From Corporate Parties, to Family Gatherings, people rave about Lawrence Lemon! But don't let his friendly manner fool you, he's a professional, and able to pull off some outrageously impossible stunts! He'll read your thoughts-even guess your Grandmothers maiden name! Impossible? "Try me!" Says Lemon.

Have a Snappy Birthday!

By: Jessie Jones

Cameras come in all shapes and sizes. Big ones, little ones, minute ones, colourful ones, digital, instant types…the list goes on! With so many cameras, there are loads of photographs too. As variety is the spice of life, so too is the assortment of photographic storage! For a reel of birthday gifts suitable for any happy snapper, zoom on into findmeagift.com.

When you’re a kid, your parents always put bits of your finest artwork onto the fridge. Paintings created from potato stamps, collages made out of pipe cleaners and spaghetti and some other mysterious objects! There are always one or two embarrassing photos too. Well, as we are living in the digital age and ‘de-clutter’ is de rigueur, all you need is the Digital Photo Frame Fridge Magnet! The Digital Photo Frame Fridge Magnet is a super-stylish frame that can store up to 66 JPEG, BMP, GIFF, or TIFF pictures. It also has a clock and can stick to anything metal (not just fridges). It features a stand so it can be stood up on a desk, sideboard or shelf too! This nifty digital frame has a 2.4” TFT LCD Display. It may be compact and lightweight, but it certainly packs a punch with its 32MB Internal Memory and 11 hours battery life from full charge! So you can take photos of inspired artwork, as well as those flattering pictures and load them all onto this amazing Digital Photo Frame Fridge Magnet. With Play/Pause, Menu, On/Off and Skip functions, you can let the world see your crazy pictures or just conveniently skip pass them!

For the photographer who always has their trusty camera at their side, treat them to the High Resolution 1.4” Digital Photo Album Key Chain for their birthday! This sleek gadget features everything they need to display and transport their snaps wherever they go. It has a high resolution OLED screen and can store up to 56 photos. This superb Digital Photo Album Key Ring can be attached to bags, belts, wallets or keys, so wherever you go this trusty key chain album goes to! And as it charges via a USB cable, it requires no batteries! Presented securely and protectively in a gorgeous gift box, the Digital Photo Album Key Chain makes a perfect birthday gift.

For someone who always seems to be the one behind the camera taking all those family and friends shots, why not put them in the frame too with the Photographic Portrait Experience? These portraits are relaxed and informal and are perfect for capturing family and friends ALL together. The photographic package will involve a portrait session at a state of the art studio (available nationwide) and will include a 5” x 7” portrait of their choice to take home. This can be chosen at a viewing session a couple of weeks after the photo shoot, where they can also order any additional photographs they might like!

Now with a brand spanking new superlative snap in their hands, they are going to need a shiny new frame to show it off in! So what could be better than a Personalised S/P 7 x 5 Photo Frame to match the occasion? This wonderful silver-plated frame can be engraved with 25 characters at the top and 25 characters at the bottom of the frame. Why not have the date of the photo shoot and their names put on it? If the picture is of a bunch of friends, be it sports, musical or just best buddies, then have their group name engraved, or mantra! Whatever you wish, the possibilities are endless!
So if you are developing a portfolio of snappy gifts, take a shot online at findmeagift.com. Their shutters are never closed and they’ll give you a flash of ideas to ensure that you all have a very snappy birthday. So say “cheese”!

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