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Magic of Mike Wong

Mike Wong
Anaheim CA

Day: 714-334-1632

Evening: 714-334-1632

Toll Free: 800-959-6244

With brilliant displays of whirling scarves, pearl white doves and illusions to arrest the senses, The Magic of Mike Wong has delighted audiences across the country with excitement. Be it a stage of full-scale illusion of the masters or a small banquet audience, Mike will entertain with an always changing repertoire of humorous sleight of hand. His close-up magic must be seen to be disbelieved.

How to Do Card Tricks - Essential But Easy Skills

By Robert McNicoll

Learning how to do card tricks doesn't have to be difficult and they don't have to be hard to perform to be impressive. The great news is that you don't have to be a master of thousands of sleights to do them well. Our end goal is to make whatever we do look like real magic (unless, of course, we are doing a gambling demonstration, when we want it to look like we're really skillful!).

You do need to know a few basic things before you can start performing even the most basic of tricks. Shuffling is the first thing to learn, and there are 3 types of shuffle that you really ought to be able to do. They are: 

  • The Overhand Shuffle
  • The Hindu Shuffle
  • The Riffle Shuffle

For me, the most valuable and powerful of these is the Hindu Shuffle, but they all have their place and should be learned.

There are also some sleights and controls that you need for learn how to do card tricks. Again, these are really easy to do, but do require a bit of practice to make them natural. They are: 

  • The Glide
  • Card Control
  • False Cut
  • Double Lift

I use all of these four sleights every day. They are incredibly powerful and allow you to perform 90% of all card magic tricks.

It won't take you long to learn each of the individual shuffles and sleights listed here, in fact the basic techniques can be pretty much mastered within a couple of hours. But let me re-iterate. The most important thing is to make each and every thing you do natural. Achieve this, and then you have made a giant step on your path to learning how to do card tricks.

Rob McNicoll started learning magic 17 years ago, and has worked semi-professionally at weddings and parties for the last 5. He specialises in card magic, and believes all magic should be about the effect and not fiddly techniques. He has set up his blog on How to do Card Tricks to help people learn magic tricks that are easy, yet amazing. He also gives tips on sleights, practice and performing magic tricks, as well as reviewing the latest card magic tricks available.

How to do Card Tricks.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Robert_McNicoll

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