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Karicatures by Kisner

Daniel Kisner
3009 Oak Street
Evensville IN 47714

Day: 812-491-3623

Evening: 812-491-3623

Daniel Kisner has been rendering caricatures for approx. 25 years serving as SW Indiana's premier Caricature Artist's. Entertaining in Vanderburgh, Warrick, Spencer, Pike, Gibson, Posey, Knox, Davies, Martin, Dubois, Perry Counties and more. If you want Fun and Entertainment at you're next event plus a gift to last a lifetime contact Daniel Today!!

Why hire a Party Clown for your Party?

Author: Local Party Clown

The more popular Party Clowns, will perform balloon tricks, confetti sprays, provide puppets shows, face-painting, acts of juggling, magic, plate spinning and more. The best clown entertainers can keep both adult and children's parties alive and excited with their tricks

A clown is commonly a fantastic option for a Birthday event, but similar anything else you do for your kids-Do some preparation! Check over references, be sure that you understand who you're considering hiring for your Kids Party.

The phrase clown historically stood for "clod" or "buffoon" and was frequently used to refer to a fumbling country "hick", "bumpkin", "Joker" "Jester", "fool," "minstrel," and "mime" Many were gypsys, with no fixed address who spent their times travelling from town to town, some were organized and travelled with Fairs and Circuses, though many were loners who plotted their own course of entertaining the public.

As performers they were usually seen to be quite hilarious to those that they performed for, eventually many of their styles were copied by modern-day actors. The term "Clown" was bestowed upon them many years ago and is still the description that is in use today. The eccentricities and talents developed many years ago are still what keeps people smiling whenever a circus clown act comes to town.

Currently you will find a great cross section of all the different types of clowns to amuse and entertain us. Children's parties are one of the mainstays of the party clown's repertoire of opportunities. Yet you will still see the majority of clowns that travel from town to town with carnivals and circuses, as well as the many clowns who are part of the rodeo circuits that entertain us across North America.

Kids party clowns today are very skilled and cognizant of how to make all the children at a party feel comfortable. They come armed with an array of games, singsongs, dancing and other laughter-inducing Clown fun. Still, some kids do get scared of the makeup and red noses no matter how friendly your party clown may be. Keep this in mind when comparing your party list, to who you plan to invite.

About the author: If you really want to Clown Around for your next event be sure to check out all the choices available at Local Party Services Online Directory , the Special Event and Party Service Online Directory

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