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Sam Eaton's The Quantum Eye

Sam Eaton
New York NY

Day: 212-842-9717

Evening: 212-842-9717

"Sam Eaton's show THE QUANTUM EYE is a fascinating exploration of mentalism, magic, perception and deception, where extraordinary ability and humor blend with audience participation to make for a unique entertainment. Sam has been dazzling New York audiences with his magic and mind reading show since 2006, making it the longest-running one-man Off-Broadway magic show in New York."

Hire the Right DJ for the Right Occasion

Author: Kamau Austin

Planning an occasion is a lot of hard work. No matter if it is a graduation, a wedding, a bar/bat mitzvah, an awards ceremony, or any other occasion, you spend hours planning what decorations to hang, what food and drinks to serve, what to wear, and who to invite. Do you have a DJ host your occasion, or do you simply play your own CDs? If you want to have an event that everyone will be talking about for days and years later, hire a good DJ to run your music and light show. Hiring a DJ can actually be fun. Just follow these simple tips, and you are sure to have a fabulous DJ suitable for any event.

TIP #1: Ask around. Ask your friends and family members to recommend a DJ who they have either worked with in the past or have listened to at another party or event. The best advertisement is word of mouth and your friends and family members will definitely be able to tell you if a particular DJ is good or not. If your friends or family members can't recommend anyone, you can also call local radio stations or a professional entertainment company or check the yellow pages.

TIP #2: Interview your potential DJs. Get to know them and learn about what they have to offer. Explain what type of music you and your guests want at the party or event. Ask the DJ if he or she has videos or cassette tapes of past performances that you can review. Most professional DJs will have samples. During the interview, study the DJ's personality. Is he or she someone who you would want at your event? Is the DJ interested in your event? How do you feel he or she will interact with your guests? Remember, the DJ's personality is very important. Make sure he or she is really who you want to DJ your special occasion.

TIP #3: Ask the DJ for his or her music specialty. Does the DJ have the style of music that you and your guests want to hear? Will the music be right for your specific occasion? Will he or she take requests? Can he or she provide a variety of music that you think everyone will like?

TIP #4: Ask for references. Any professional DJ will gladly provide them. You will want to carefully check the references before deciding to hire the DJ. After all, you would not want a lunatic hosting your special occasion! TIP #5: Make sure the DJ has all of the equipment that you will need at your gathering such as speakers, lights, microphone, etc.

TIP #5: Get everything in writing. Make sure the DJ knows the exact time, date, and location of the event. Make sure you agree on the fee and have all the DJ's promises in writing. You want to have all of your bases covered in case something does not go well.

TIP #7: Don't wait until the last minute to find a DJ. Start planning early. Many DJs are booked quickly with weddings, graduations, proms, and other parties. Try to book your DJ at least 3 months in advanced.

Consider booking a DJ when you are planning your next get-together. It is important to find the DJ who will best meet your occasion's needs without blowing your budget. Your guests will certainly remember the music from your event since the music will set the mood; so choose your DJ wisely. With a cool DJ that everyone likes, your event will be a hit, and everyone will talking about it for a long time!

About the author: Kamau Austin is publisher of New York 411 and writes on the New York lifestyle and entertainment scene. For more info on DJ services for bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings and corporate events visit, http://www.DJForYourPartyblog.com or http://www.SayJeff.com .

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