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Andrew Feemster
Austin TX

Day: 512-496-8278

Andrew Feemster has been entertaining audiences large and small for fifteen years. His magic will make your next event unbelievable and unforgettable...GUARANTEED! Establishing memorability can be a difficult task and finding the right entertainment can be even more difficult. Andrew has premium packages that meet every client's needs and excels in their expectations. Whether it be strolling magic table to table, a more intimate show for a smaller group, or a large-scale production, AFP has got you covered.

Amazing Card Trick - Poker Mental

Here is another amazing card trick for you to learn. Mind reading tricks are always fascinating. You can perform this trick by using your own ordinary playing card deck or you can borrow a deck from your friend. Four spectators are great for this trick.

Have a deck thoroughly shuffled. Then, deal out a five-handed game of poker, one hand to each of four spectators, the last hand to yourself. So, each player gets five cards.

You say to your spectators: "I would like each of you to think of one of the cards in your hand. Do not tell anyone else the name of the card. Please remember it." After that, instruct them to shuffle their poker hands after they have thought of a card. You shuffle your poker hand as well.

Gather all the hands face down, beginning with the first spectator on your left. Place his card on top of the deck. Collect the cards from left to right, the second hand going on top of the first one and so on. Your cards are added to the top, last. At this point, you have the deck stacked for the trick already.

You then say: "We have each selected a single card mentally. Let me deal another round of poker." Deal five hands again, face down. Pick up the first hand to your left and then say: "Does anyone see his card here?" Fan the cards so they can all be seen, face up. If anyone sees his card, it will be in the exact position from the left of the fan as the position of the spectator himself.

That is: If spectator number two sees his card, it will be the second card from the top of the fan. You will now bring the fan under the table and pull out the correct card, tossing it to the table face down in front of the spector.

You can do the same with each hand. Sometimes no one will see his card, then, go to the next set. Many times several people will see their cards in the same spread. You still find the cards in the same manner, setting each card in front of its owner. When all the cards have been set out, you ask them to name their cards and turn them face up one at a time to verify the miracle.

To make this trick more spectacular, you can have yourself blindfolded after dealing the second group. You can still find the selected cards by counting them with your fingers from left to right. The blindfold will make the entertainment more dramatic.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Thomas_Lyn

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